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Order Hoffman Holistic Beef

  • Beef is sold by quarters, halves, and whole animal


  • Beef is currently $650 per quarter Beef  (Plus processing fees)


  • A typical quarter Beef weighs 155-185lbs. hanging weight


  • Processing fees average $0.79 per pound, averaging $180 per quarter Beef (depending on desired cut options and weight)


  • Example: An average quarter Beef will cost $830.00 in total and supply an average family with 60+ meals


  • Beef will be processed and custom cut to your liking, at an USDA state certified butcher.

  • Purchasing Beef direct from our farm in quarter, half, or whole form is over a 50% savings compared to purchasing Certified American Grass Fed Beef by individual cuts from grocery stores and markets.


Please Call or E-mail to order 513-218-2527

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