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About Hoffman Holistic Cattle

Hoffman Holistic Cattle takes great pride in every aspect of our beef production. The word holistic meaning, "taking a whole system approach to raising cattle in an all natural way."  We look forward to providing you with healthy and exceptional beef that was naturally born and raised on our family farm. 


Hoffman Holistic Cattle was created to provide highly nutritious beef directly to our customers.  We use farming and grazing practices to mimic nature to allow animals to thrive in a natural environment.  Our animals thrive on an all natural diet of high quality pasture and hay, grazing all year round. 


Our farm uses no grain feed, no antibiotics, no growth hormones, and only uses natural breeding with our herd bulls.  We also only use untreated non GMO pasture seed, gentle handling practices and facilities in order to maintain low stress on our cattle.







We invite anyone interested in Hoffman Holistic Beef or Belted Galloway Cattle to visit our family farms to see our beautiful animals and farming practices.

Visit The Farm


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