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Belted Galloway Cattle

Hoffman Holistic Cattle did not choose the Belted Galloway breed just for their unique appearance.  Their rugged nature and double hair coat adapt perfectly to Ohio fluctuating weather patterns.  Belted Galloway Cattle are an ancient breed of Galloway Cattle that are rugged, efficient, and able to convert a wide range of forages into delicious meat.  Galloway breeds date back over 1,000 years and are the original gourmet beef.

The unique appearance of Belted Galloway Cattle inspires many questions about their origins.  With a white middle sandwiched between a black, red, or dun color, they are  familiarly known as "Belties" among breeders of the animals.  Although references to "sheeted" cattle occur in literature and art as early as the 11th Century, the Belted Galloway's first recorded reference indicates that they were developed during the 16th Century in the former Galloway district of Scotland, a rugged and hilly seacoast region where hardiness was necessary for survival.


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